IT monitoring has never been easier

CloudRadar offers IT Monitoring as a service for all your servers and devices


Gain full control over all your systems

Get your monitoring right with easy setup and guided configuration

Unbeatable pricing

Try CloudRadar for free today and IT monitoring will never be the same again.

CloudRadar provides IT monitoring as a service for public and private servers and devices

Monitor all your servers, services and hosts in one application. Get immediate notification of outages and issues. CloudRadar inspects the inside of your systems without opening backdoors. Fast setup, no local installation required.

Publicly accessible
devices and services

Check if your hosts are up and responding to ICMP Ping
Monitor if a given TCP port is accepting connections
Check if a website responds with the expected status code
Verify that a website contains a certain keyword
Check if a mail server is up and accepts smtp

Private servers & devices
via monitoring agent

Fill levels of all connected hard disks
Availability of hosts not accessible from the Internet
Run status of processes and internal services
Check CPU, memory and Network bandwidth usage
Custom checks for your individual needs

Inside monitoring is available on Microsoft Windows and all major Linux distributions.

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Try CloudRadar for free today and IT monitoring will never be the same again.


Monitor your entire IT Infrastructure from one application

CloudRadar provides a single overview of all your critical servers, devices and applications - no matter if they are hosted locally, with a hosting provider or in the cloud, for both publicly accessible and private intranet devices, running on Microsoft or Linux.


Easy setup in minutes

As cloud based service, your monitoring is up and running in minutes. Save the hassle of of local installation and subsequent updating. CloudRadar automatically keeps track with our latest developments.


Simple and reliable configuration

CloudRadar supports your setup with configuration bundles for the most typical systems environments. Predefined alert thresholds saves you from false alerts, and direct links from all alerts allow for easy fine tuning.

Scaleable illustration

Scaleable and future-proof

No matter which technologies you operate on, bare metal sys ops or advanced cloud technologies. CloudRadar will make it work. Our configurations cover the most typical system environments and are extended daily to all developments. Custom checks provide extendability to your special needs.

We protect your system integrity


CloudRadar is based on highest security enterprise level monitoring software. Inside monitoring is based on a standard Zabbix monitoring agent and does not require remote access to your systems. The agent is running as an unprivileged user, and it’s source code is open source and has been inspected and validated by thousands of users.

You don’t believe us? Then try for yourself! Try the full Version of CloudRadar for free!

Powerful Feature Set

CloudRadar is packed with powerful features to make your monitoring effective for you as quickly as possible.

  • Inside Monitoring Private servers & devices via monitoring agent

    Fill Levels Check fill levels of all your hard disks. Get warned if disks run full.

    Alive Status Check alive status of hosts. Discover dead hosts via active heartbeat even if they are not reachable via internet ICPM.

    Services Check status of services and running processes. Instantly discover crashed services.

    Loads Check cpu, memory and network usage of your systems. Receive alerts on overloaded systems and retrace a high load.

    Custom Checks Create your own checks to verify data is delivered correctly, e.g. backups are working or rooms temperatures are ok.

  • Basic Monitoring Publicly accessible devices
    and services

    Website live status Check if a website responds with the correct status code and delivers the correct content.

    ICMP Check if a host responds to ICMP/ping. Discover dead hosts instantly.

    TCP Check if a TCP port accepts connections. Detect service outages easily.

    Website content Check if a website delivers the correct content.

    Mail Servers Check if a mail server is up and accepts smtp mail delivery.

  • Notifications Choose how you are notified.

    Phone text to speech Old school but effective.

    E-Mail Get an email with direct access to alert settings and configuration.

    Pushover on smart phone Aggregate your notifications in your pushover app.

    SMS/text Simple way to receive urgent alerts.

    API Integrate with our notifications API.

    Slack Integrate with your team communication.

    Dashboard Get an overview on your complete system.

    Web hooks Event-notification via HTTP POST.

  • Team Support Working in a larger team? Organize with our team features.

    Mute Mute alerts for individual team members. For temporary focus on other work or vacation times.

    Multiple Users Individual accounts for each team member.

    Filters Allocate subsystem responsibilities to team members.

    User Roles Assign roles by responsibility.

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